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Celebrating 31 Years of Board Building.


The Tuflite Ghost Carbon construction process begins with our proprietary water-resistant fused-cell foam “core”. Every EPS core is purpose built to the individual board size and then is hand finished to bring out every detail. The Ghost Carbon boards are laminated with 100% carbon fiber, vacuum bagged to reduce weight and to seal the board to perfection The Ghost Carbon consist of a flat-finish paint and then is precision sanded to reduce weight and enhance the performance.


The Air Travel Inflatables are made of high-quality puncture-resistance PVC Drop Stitch material to create a strong, rigid SUP that can go anywhere and stores easily. The double sidewall and dual-layer deck / bottom make Surftech Inflatables the most durable construction on the market. Surftech Inflatables come with dual-action hand pump to transform from duffel bag sized to a full-sized SUP in just minutes. 15-18psi.
Utility Armor construction consists of an EPS core, high-quality grade fiberglass, epoxy resin, plus reinforced rails and standing area. Then the board receives an ABS/ PC plastic heat-molded shell for an extremely durable layer of armor. The Utility Armor shell protects against drops, hacks, and is the ideal construction for rental facilities or first-time board owners.

Softops are built with a water-resistant fused-cell core, epoxy resin, fiberglass, and a wood reinforced standing area. The full soft foam deck provides built-in traction creating a comfortable standing area, while the slick bottom ensures good glide. Boards built in this construction are soft, safe, versatile and easy to ride - perfect for newbie paddlers or rental facilities looking for a durable safe board.


Every Pro-Elite board is made using Surftech’s proprietary water-resistant fused-cell foam “core”, which is the lightest, most durable core on the market.  Tight bonds are created between the fused cells to create a water-resistant core that can withstand dents and dings.  The core is then pressure-molded using high-quality carbon and fiberglass with a PVC reinforced standing area resulting in a light, strong, rigid board.