Gift Guide: Choose the Right Shortboard as a Present for Your Kid, Husband, Wife or Friend

Picking out the right surfboard as a gift is a daunting task. To the uninitiated, all boards look the same. We've come up with a quick guide to help you find a present your lucky recipient will love. If you still have questions after reading hit up our customer support in the lower right corner of this window. We are here to help you narrow down your selection and answer any questions about sizing. Another option is to shop our Gift Cards and let your loved one pick out the board of their choosing.

For the aspiring young ripper

Sharp Eye Disco Inferno Grom
in Fusion E2 

Inspired by Sharp Eye's full-size Disco Inferno model, "The Grom" version is a versatile performance shortboard that works well in a variety of waves. Built-in Fusion E-2 construction The Disco Inferno Grom has extra float. Extra floatation leads to catching more waves; more waves equals better surfing. The durability features of E-2 construction means your groms board will maintain it's performance characteristics longer. Available in sizes ranging from 4'10" to 5'4", the Disco Inferno Grom brings unprecedented performance for a youth board.

For the alternative surfer looking
to stand out from the crowd

HS - Hypto Krypto - Softop 

One of the most desirable surfboard designs from one of the most sought after brands in the world, the Hypto Krypto from  Hayden Shapes is a crowd favorite that has been rider tested and proven in 1ft beach break, Palm Springs wave pools, and rifling left tubes at Kandui. Now available in Softtop construction, the Hypto Krypto is safer and more enjoyable to ride. Posing the question, did one of the best shortboard designs in the world just get better?

For the experienced shortboard shredder

We've compiled a selection of our highest performing surfboards for surfers at the top of their game. You can't go wrong with any of these options. Fined-tuned, rider tested, and from world-renowned brands, the following boards are built to precision for surfers at the pinnacle of their surfing ability.

HS - White Noiz - PE-C

The go-to performance shortboard of Craig Anderson. I think that says enough...

Sharp Eye - Modern 2.5 - Fusion E2

Also available in Dual Core Construction for added performance. Learn more about Surtech's cutting edge surfboard technology.

DMS - Thunderbird - Injection-Tech

Truly one of a kind surfboard technology utilizing space-age materials. The Thunderbird from DMS is as high as high performance gets.

For your guru of the surf

Gerry Lopez - Squirty - Fusion Poly

Finding the right board to gift your guru is a challenge. The board has to be everything and nothing at the same time. It has to have futuristic performance and traditional classic vibes. Queue light beam and enter the amalgamation of Yin and Yang in surfboard form. The Gerry Lopez Squirty is a spiritually balanced board designed as a solution to life's paradox of choices. A surfer no longer has to choose between being a Huntington hopping muscle butt or a beaver tailed van dwelling throwback. Give your guru the answer they have been looking for with a Gerry Lopez Squirty in Fusion Poly technology. Caution this board has been known to cause hair growth and good vibes.

For the sophisticated lady or gentleman in your life

CI - Code - Dual-Core

Finding a classy gift for the surfer who's got it all together and has everything can be a challenge; we've just made it easy. From Channel Islands Surfboards, one of the most respected brands in surf, we offer you The Code. Designed for 1977 World Champ and debonair statesmen of the sport Shaun Tomson, the Code has an elegant outline that translates to a clean style of surfing one would never dare to call retro but can best be described as vintage. A single concave though out the board gives the firm feel of a Ferrari's pedal. Built exclusively in dual-core construction this particular model of The Code is a hard-to-find limited edition version that will surely astound the hard to impress.

For a gift that will last, choose dependable Tuflite construction

CI - New Flyer - Tuflite

Many a young surfer indulged in a bit of youthful romance with The Channel Islands Flyer, but surfers and surfboards being what they are these affairs were destined to break down and often short-lived. Now known the world over for a sexy outline that changed the game, most shortboarders of a certain age (30-40) look back at the Flyer as the beloved board that got away. Now built-in Tuflite construction, the Flyer has grown up and is ready for a relationship that will last. This holiday season give the gift of long-lasting love to the one you love.

CI - Average Joe - Tuflite

For the one who believes the best surfer is the one having the most fun. Give them more fun. The average Joe is a board built to maximize good times in all conditions for all surfers.

For the big wave chaser

NSP - CSE - Equalizer

From world-renowned craftsmen Carl Schaper, the Equalizer is a board built to help riders push themselves into bigger waves. You won't just be gifting a surfboard, you could be giving the wave(s) of a lifetime.

For your pocketbook.

These high-quality boards won't break the bank. Shop all NSP surfboards.

NSP Shapers Union Chopstix

A quality surfboard in a performance construction that is sure to impress.

NSP Elements HDT Tinder D8

Built for durability Elements construction is a gift you can trust to last.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

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