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About Surftech

Our Story begins in 1989 with a quest to build lighter, more durable surfboards. At the time, Surftech founder and visionary Randy French saw potential in new materials and production processes where others didn’t; so he began to innovate. 35 years later and Tuflite, Surftech’s initial molded construction offering, is ridden by surfers worldwide. Renowned for its strength to performance ratio Tuflite is the culmination of Randy’s dream.

While traveling down the bumpy road that ultimately led to Surftech fulfilling its quest we began to expand our reasoning for being. We formed relationships with shapers and brands whose passion for innovation exceeded our own. Their dreams became our dreams and slowly we began developing new constructions and production solutions to make those dreams a reality. Today, we are proud to honor and perpetuate the legacy of the most revered watermen and designers of the past while creating an environment of innovation for the future of board building.

Our core construction offering includes Tuflite(Molded), Dual Core, True Ride(Poly), Fusion HD(Hand Finished EPS/Epoxy), carbon, Natural Fiber Technology, Primitek, Softop Custom Performance, Utility Armor, and Air-Travel Inflatable.

Surftech’s current list of shaper partners includes Takayama, Wayne Rich, Steve Walden, Gerry Lopez, Mickey Munoz, Roger Hinds, Joe Bark, and a host of other legendary shapers.

Surftech currently distributes boards worldwide thanks to a network of quality partners.