Surftech, Now Offering Surfcare Protection Plans on all New Board Sales

We all love buying a brand new board! But most people don’t realize that these beautiful boards don’t come with a warranty to cover dings and breaks. Meaning, if you ding or break it, it’s on you. This is why Surftech is now offering Surfcare Protection Plans. With Surfcare on your new board, you can now surf with peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Surfcare offers protection plans to protect your boards from dings and breaks while in use. It’s the first of it’s kind and it is long overdue!

Surftech is always interested in what’s best for our customers.We are always looking for ways to extend the value and life of their most valuable purchases. Because surfboards are extremely fragile and surfers are constantly on the search for new waves and challenges, at some point their prized possessions are likely to become damaged. Providing Surfcare will keep customers’ boards looking and riding like new, while minimizing the heartache of those inevitable dings and breaks along the way.

Both Surftech and Surfcare are excited to bring a protection plan to market that is meant for everyday use, going above and beyond ‘travel insurance’ that is traditionally only used for a minority of the days most surfers spend using their surfboards.

“We’re happy to be offering a product that will protect and enhance our customers’ surfing experience”, said John Vance CEO. “Joining forces with Surfcare extends our confidence in delivering the very best possible to our customers.”

Surfcare founder Nick Stolz says, “We are excited about partnering with a brand that puts a high focus on the quality and sustainability of the boards they manufacture. Being able to cover Surftech’s customers on dings and breaks, will ensure surfers have the best possible experience on their new boards.”

Get Covered.Pick a Plan.

There are two types of Surfcare Protection Plans along with three ways to pay for each. First pick a plan, then decide how you’d like to pay.You can pay Monthly, or save some cash by purchasing the 1-year or 2-year plan.

Surfcare Essential

The entry level and must-have plan is Surfcare Essential. This plan ensures minimal mental anguish caused when snapping your new board. If you were to break your board at any time while covered, Surfcare will replace it with a brand new one with only a deductible of 25% of the board’s receipt price.

Surfcare Premium

The most popular plan. Premium covers everything that could happen to your new board - Dings & Breaks!And the best part is that all repairs are free! Surfcare Premium is the hassle-free, no brainer option, ensuring your board gets fixed correctly by the best possible ding repair specialist.

Who Needs Surfcare Surfboard Protection Plans?

The short answer is everyone who owns a surfboard and surfs. Surfboards are fragile and expensive!Plus, if you surf, you want to be able to have a good time without worrying about your new board.Now you can surf carefree with Surfcare.

So How do I get Surfcare on my new Surftech?

You can purchase Surfcare at right here, at can be purchased on any new undamaged board within 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Surfcare?

A: You can purchase Surfcare at right here.Surfcare can be purchased on any new undamaged board within 30 days of purchase.

Q: Can I purchase Surfcare on a used board?

A: No, at this time Surfcare can only be purchased for your new undamaged board within 30 days of purchase.

Q: If I buy two or more new surfboards, does my Surfcare plan cover both of the boards?

A: Each protection plan is unique to a single board. If you purchase two boards you will need to purchase two protection plans and register the boards with Surfcare separately. In the near future we will be exploring ideas to cover your entire quiver.

Q: Does Surfcare provide Protection Plans on other types of boards other than surfboards?

A: Yes, Surfcare provides Protection Plans on:

  • Surfboards (shortboards, fishes, fun shapes, mid-lengths, logs and just about everything else with fins).
  • Stand up Paddle Boards
  • Skimboards
  • Foil boards
  • Wakesurf Boards
  • Wakeboards
  • Kite boards
  • Knee boards
  • Wind surfboards

Q: Does Surfcare cover soft tops or foam boards?

A: Yes.Because soft tops and foam boards can be difficult to repair we recommend purchasing the Essential Plan. This will protect your board from catastrophic damage like breaks.If you break your soft top, Surfcare will replace it.

Q: Where do I bring my board for repair if I have a Surfcare plan?

A: If you ding or break your board, it’s simple.Call Surfcare Claims at (833) FIX-SURF, (833) 349-7873.We’ll set you up with a free repair at a specialist near you.If you break your board, we’ll replace it with the same board from the place you purchased it. 


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