SurfTechnicians and Misfit Shapes partner to produce and distribute a mind-altering line of Softworks surfboards.

SurfTechnicians and Misfit Shapes partner to produce and distribute a mind-altering line of Softworks surfboards.

Carlsbad, California. October 30th, 2021. Looking to escape the rotating door of normality, California's SurfTechnitians LLC. has brought on Australia's potentially dangerous band of cultural agitators, Misfit Shapes as a partner for 2022. Together they will produce a line of three boards in Softworks construction. The partnership promises to provide Surftech with a new and exciting product offering and increase Misfit Shapes' global presence.

Chris Chong and Dave Howell from Misfit Shapes are surf industry veterans with deep roots in Australian surf culture. Their industry experience combined with a free-thinking experimental nature has been key to Misfits Shapes' rapid growth. The team at Surftech is honored to be chosen as a production partner to help Chris and Dave fulfill their brand's rising demand. Surftech CEO Trent Pederson and General Manager Todd Stanley are confident they can take the excitement Chris and Dave built around Misfit Shapes in Australia and introduce it to new territories as well as help build on their existing footprint.

Beginning with the most popular surfboard models in Misfit shapes' line, Surftech expects to deliver a twin fin titled the Beach Cloud, a wider shortboard called the Dope Machine, and a Mid-length called the Speed Egg. Approximately ten SKUs will be available in the line. All boards will be built in Softworks Construction. Softworks construction consists of a shaped EPS blank, layed up with fiberglass and epoxy resin, then fully wrapped in EVA. The resulting softboards surf well, are durable, and provide an increased level of safety that makes surfing more fun.

Misfit Shapes community of advocates (Mad Minds) have been and will continue to be instrumental in product development and content creation. Misfit Shapes Mad Minds is headlined by Mitch Coleborn, Jade Morgan, Otis Carey, Jake Vincent, and Lachie Rombouts. The Mad Minds have garnered international attention for their surf excellence, creativity, and general disregard for putting out anything into the world one would consider boring.

This partnership comes timed with Misfits' expansion into the apparel market and will serve as a giant stepping stone in their global surfboard distribution growth. By tapping Surftech's experience producing products at scale and rock-solid international distribution network Misfit Shapes hopes to accelerate further the spread of their 'surf' stemmed movement. All three models of Softworks board will be available for sale in the USA, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia in early 2022. Distributors and retailers can expect a prebook window before the end of 2021.

“Surftech is stoked to partner with Misfit shapes and serve as a key component to their business and help expose them to our network of reps and distributors. We see them as a great compliment to what we are already doing with our great partnerships of the world's best shapers/builders.” Says, SurftechGM Todd Stanley

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About Surftech

Surf Technicians was founded in 1989 in a quest to find and utilize new technologies that would bring game-changing improvement to surfers of all abilities everywhere. We build boards for many of the best and most popular surfboard brands on the planet and we were the first to do it! Today we continue to employ the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available. We continue to push every boundary utilized in manufacturing while also attaining a high level of sustainability. We build what others can only dream of doing. Visit us at for additional information.

About Misfits Shapes

Misfit Shapes represents an authentic response to an era of change, a 'surf' stemmed movement that allows art, design, and individuality to co-exist within a realm more commonly dominated by conformity and observation. They are not bound by a single leader or manifesto, but rather a bold commitment to pushing the limits of this well-oiled machinery of surf. The result is a rare collective of mildly deranged but high-powered misfits, potentially dangerous cultural agitators, and just about every other kind of MAD MIND.


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