4 Boards Releasing in 2023 To Get Hyped About

4 Boards Releasing in 2023 To Get Hyped About

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for brand and board releases. From performance-oriented designs to versatile all-arounders, these new releases represent the cutting edge of what's possible in the world of surfing. Collaborating with legendary shaper Roger Hinds, and diving into new technologies and models from existing brands like M/SF/T, these models are a few of our most hyped models, releasing soon. So, without further ado, let's dive in and take a closer look at the four boards that you need to know about in 2023!

 The Renaissance, by Roger Hinds Surfboards

A Blast from the past.

The Renaissance surfboard model is a perfect blend of the past and present. The name "Renaissance" means "rebirth" in French, and Roger has done just that by taking the best elements of his surfboard designs from the past and combining them with the latest design elements to create a truly unique board. The Renaissance model takes inspiration from the top longboard plan shape from the 1960s, the peak of the longboard era, and brings it up to date with modern rocker, rail, and foil design elements. The modern pulled-down rail allows for smooth and easy rail-to-rail transitions, and the advanced fine foil increases speed and glide for fast, clean surfing. The result is a versatile board that can be tailored to your specific needs with the right fin. Roger has spent years perfecting and testing different fin shapes and sizes, making the Renaissance a one-board quiver for longboarders. Releasing late Winter 2023.

 The Tamago, by Roger Hinds Surfboards

Forged in Mount Doom (not really), One board to rule them all.

The Tamago, or Egg shaped mid-length, allows for both casual cruising and performance surfing depending on the surfer and the conditions. A “user-friendly” surfboard and wave magnet that handles a multitude of conditions with ease and makes surfing fun again. Due to the fullness of the outline the Tomago catches waves easy and gets you in early. The rounded pintail design gives the board holding power when you need it. The combination of the outline, rocker, bottom configuration, and overall balanced foil make this a versatile model that works equally well in both beach breaks and lined up point waves. A great addition to any quiver for maximizing your wave count and fun factor. Releasing late Winter 2023.

 The Yandina Speedway, by M/SF/T Surfboards

Queensland engine culture and hellman spirit all packaged into one muscly beast of a surfboard.

If you're looking for a surfing experience that is animated, untamed, progressive, and unpredictable, the Yandina Speedway is the board for you. This board is similar to the boards used by OG M/SF/T family Jake Vincent, with a wide nose and tail that draws out the rail line, creating maximum speed and drive. The quad channel bottom projects water out the tail, providing Lismore levels of speed and lift. The domed swallow tail promotes speed and release while maintaining control, especially in a reversed position. The deck and rails are where this board truly shines, featuring a fully flat deck with a subtle concave for a sensitive surfing feel, and a slight double concave for comfort and grip while shuvving and revving. The chimed rails propel water off the deck and create shapely rails that penetrate the wave without biting. The icing on the cake is the 13 hand-drawn decals by the iconic Australian punk artist BEN BROWN. This board is the evolution and next generation of the MK/ DD series, the result of years of research and design in planning hulls, channels, parallel outlines, water displacement, and timeless surfboard design. Releasing Spring 2023.

 The Beach Cloud, by M/SF/T Surfboards

Same gaseous qualities as early evening Chanel perfume, late-night sea fog, and loud sneezes at dusk.

The Beach Cloud surfboard is perfect for those who are nostalgic and longing for the electric feeling of days gone by. Like traditional twinnys, the board has a fuller nose and outline but with a curvier tail, especially behind the fins. It is designed with modern surf in mind, featuring contemporary elements in rail shape, rocker, and foil, while still staying true to the speed, flow, and highline attributes of the classic twin fin approach. The Beach Cloud is designed with an emphasis on free-flowing progression, making it a modern take on the classic twin fin feel that channels the past as you remember it, which is probably better than it actually was. Releasing Spring 2023.

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