DC Surf Wide

Size | Volume:8'3" | 141 L
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A Dale Chapman design, this Surf Wide is built with NSP’s Patent-Pending and award-winning Cocoflax technology, incorporating flax fibers on the rail creating an organic look and responsive ride.

Riders looking for a board at a lower price point are well-advised to check out the DC Surf SUP in Elements technology.

The evolution of the famous and well-tested DC Surf Wide range. Available in one of our award-winning technologies; CocoFlax.


  • Square tail for extra speed and stability.
  • Single to double concave bottom with a slight vee through the tail makes this board a turning machine in small and mushy conditions.
  • The five fin boxes offer tri-fin or quad-fin setups to optimize your style and surf conditions.
  • Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio utilizing exclusive CocoFlax technology with eco-friendly green epoxy resin.
  • Ideal for the surfer looking for a highly durable, stable, responsive surf SUP to take their performance to the next level.
  • Shaped and designed by legendary shaper Dale Chapman.


The Surf Wide comes with a nylon 3-fin set, but the five-box fin cluster allows for unlimited tuning potential. So whatever your spot is looking like, set up your Allrounder to make the most out of your session. All four side fin boxes are Surf Wide or all-new FTU boxes which are 100% Futures® compatible. The DC Surf Wide comes with a set of 3 x J5 performance fins.


CocoFlax DC Surf Wide size chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
8'3" 32" 4 ¹/²" 141 L 8.03kg
8'7" 32" ¹/²" 146 L 8.20kg
8'10" 32" ¹/²" 151 L 8.38kg

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About NSP

NSP was born in 2001 from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater and all round waterman. While working on Maui as a custom surfboard builder, Buzz had an epiphany about producing affordable, versatile, durable and great performing surfboards. Thus, NSP was born.

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