4mm SUP Day Bag

Length | Width:9'2" | 35" (89cm)
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Looking for a day out to the surf but worried you’re board may get dinged during the travels, worry no more- the SUP day bag is the perfect fit to protect from sand, sun, and dings.


  • 4mm closed cell protection
  • Heat and water resistant poly sack material inside and out
  • Carry handle
  • Detachable padded shoulder strap
  • Fin slots included on all SUP bags

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Bag Name


Designed for

SUP day bag 9'2" 4mm 287 x 89 cm Allrounder 8'10 / 9'2
SUP day bag 9'8" 4mm 304 x 94 cm Cruise, Lotus, HIT Cruiser 9'8
SUP day bag 10'2" 4mm 327 x 95 cm Allrounder 10'0 / Lotus, Cruise,HIT Cruiser 10'2
SUP day bag 11'0" 4mm 347 x 93 cm Allrounder 10’6’’ / 10’11 / Cruise, Flatwater 11’0’’
SUP day bag 11'6" 4mm 360 x 97 cm HIT Cruiser 11’2, 11’6 / Cruise 11’6
SUP day bag 12'6" 4mm 397 x 99 cm Performance Touring 12'6"/ Flatwater 12’0
SUP day bag 14'0" 4mm 444 x 91 cm Performance Touring 14'0"


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NSP was born in 2001 from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater and all round waterman. While working on Maui as a custom surfboard builder, Buzz had an epiphany about producing affordable, versatile, durable and great performing surfboards. Thus, NSP was born.

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