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High-Performance like no other!
The Chopstix is a direct result of NSP and some of its core team riders requesting an uncompromised high-performance shortboard, allowing them to surf at the top of their game when the surf is absolutely firing.

Designed for the best possible ride when it’s pumping, the Chopstix in CSE construction is a pure thruster, featuring carbon fiber tail patches and a round tail for powerful lines and general mayhem.


Chopstix size chart






5'4" 18" 2 ³/¹⁶" 23 L 1.97kg
5'6" 18 ¹/¹⁶" 2 ¹/⁴" 24.2 L 2.01kg
5'8" 18 ⁹/¹⁶" 2 ¹/⁴" 25.7 L 2.07kg
5'10" 19 ¹/⁸" 2 ³/⁸" 28.1 L 2.27kg
6'0" 19 ¹/⁴" 2 ¹/²" 30.5 L 2.35kg
6'2" 19 ¹/²" 2 ¹/²" 32.7 L 2.41kg
6'4" 19 ⁷/⁸" 2 ⁵/⁸" 36.3 L 2.62kg


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About NSP

NSP was born in 2001 from the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater and all round waterman. While working on Maui as a custom surfboard builder, Buzz had an epiphany about producing affordable, versatile, durable and great performing surfboards. Thus, NSP was born.

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