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As a part of the 3 model/ Assassin Series, The Bishop was developed as an enhanced daily driver and has been in deep refinement with Team rider Joel Bishop since he came on board in 2017. After all the variations, we landed on what we comfortably describe as an average to pro level “Quiver Killer”. Since its release, This model was chosen by Tully Wiley in his debut in the 2022 Bells CT WSL contest. 

The Bishop model consists of a competition rocker/ pulled in nose outline and rolled bottom for automatic speed on the take off,  with the wide point moved back a half ½” for a solid back footed sensation that correlates well with the round tail for critical bottom turns and tight snaps in the pocket and heavy arcing rail turns. 

For performance, we added a generous single under the front foot, flowing it into a deep single with double and moderate Vee out of the tail. The deep single with double adds lift and separation of the water between the fins making it loose and responsive, while the vee makes for easy tipping for proper rail surfing. Rails have a slight downturn / lower apex for immediate wave connection and sensitivity , but are kept a little fuller for stability in various conditions. To complement the pulled back wide point, the forward fins are also set back a ½” from a standard set up to make those tight radius turns easier while holding your rail speed. 

What started out mainly as an all around competition board, became a freestyle blade for the everyday warrior.

Wave range: The Bishop performs as our widest ranged shortboard for California 3’ beach break to 5’ proper Hawaiian waves.

Fin Configuration:  Thruster

Suggested Fins: Primary/(NVS) LoLo Thrusters for California, (NVS) Da Hook Thrusters for Hawaii, Alternative(FUTURES)AIPA x MAYHEM “Torches”.

Design Range: 5’0” to 6’4”

Target Sizing: At your height or 1” below


• 5'6" x 18-1/2" x 2-3/8" - 25.72
• 5'8" x 18-7/8" x 2-7/16" - 27.65
• 5'9" x 19-1/8" x 2-7/16" - 28.53
• 5'10" x 19-1/4" x 2-1/2" - 29.88
• 6'0" x 19-3/8" x 2-9/16" - 31.6
• 6'2" x 19-1/2" x 2-5/8" - 33.6
• 6'4" x 19-3/4" x 2-3/4" - 36.6
• 6'6" x 20" x 2-13/16" - 39.04

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About AIPA

Youngest son of master innovator and shaper Ben Aipa, Duke spent as much time playing with foam as he did toy-cars growing up. Duke carries his dads legacy while also innovating the surf world in his own shaping style.

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